Integrated PhD Program

Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB), India offers integrated Ph.D. Program, leading to dual degree – MBA-BM/MBA-HRM/MBA-RM (1st stage, as applicable) and PhD (2nd stage). The admission process, academic system, and fee structure for the first stage are same as that of the University’s full-time MBA-BM/MBAHRM/ MBA-RM Programs.

  • Admission Procedure

    Admission into First Stage (MBA) will be as applicable for the MBA program.

  • Second Stage (PhD)

    Eligibility: Those candidates, who secure a minimumcumulative score of 5.5 on an 8-point scale in their MBA-BM/MBA-HRM/MBA-RM from Xavier University, shall qualify tosubmit the research proposal, and shall be interviewed basedon the research proposal submitted by them for admission intoPh.D.

  • Scholarships and other supports

    During their final year of MBA, students are required towrite X-RAT/UGC-NET test. Those who qualify for JRF shallbe provided Junior Research Fellowship from the UniversityGrants Commission.

    For further details, kindly visit Limited number offellowships may be provided by Xavier University.

    At XUB we encourage our research scholars to participate in teaching assignments, research projects and consultancy.

  • Duration of the Program

    The minimum time period required to complete the Program is three years after MBA from Xavier University Bhubaneswar. Broadly this is divided into two parts, the first year for the course work, and remaining two years for writing the doctoral thesis. The maximum duration allowed to complete the Ph.D. is seven years. Maximum possible extension to submit thesis after six years is 12 months.

  • Course work and registration

    After the successful completion of course the candidate is supposed to give a thesis proposal seminar. After the successful completion of seminar, the candidate’s PhD topic will be registered with XU.

All admission related queries may be addressed to:
Phone: 0674 6647806